I Love The Library

The local county library system is opening a new facility in the town that's a few miles south of us. Now, I liked the old facility just fine, but it sounded like they were outgrowing things pretty quickly, and like an indulging grandparent with a favorite grandchild, I can't deny pleading demands.

I just received an email from the library telling me that the new 'digs' will be opening on May 30th. Cool beans, in and of itself, but the email went on to say "will include the official ribbon-cutting, square dancing, a Western-style BBQ supper and ice cream social, trick-rope lessons for kids, storytelling, performances and more." The performances include "an acoustic jam session. Musicians from all around are invited to bring their fiddles, guitars and banjos to join in and play for fun."

Now does that sound like a great way to launch a library or what? I may even go and take pictures.


  1. Boy, they're going all out to entertain. Libraries are family things so I guess it's no surprise they're making it a family night. All sorts of entertainment for everyone.

    Be sure to share the pictures. :-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Sia!

    I'm really excited for the town. I'm also glad the county is willing to spend a couple of bucks on the Grand Opening, seeing as county governments often see the harshest cuts. I wish my guitar playing was recent (or good) enough to join in the jam session. I think it will be a wonderful time over all!


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