Ode to the Notebook

What is it about a new notebook?

You open the cover to the first page, the white gleam marred only by faint blue lines to guide you across the page and a pale pink that leads you down. There's promise and hope in that blank virginity. Nowhere are the vague curls of past pressure. No reminders of previous events. Nothing to connect you to other projects.

All you can see is potential, the possibilities of a bright future.


Services for the wonderful Dawn Meaney

I just received this message from the Colorado Great Pyrenees Rescue volunteer coordinator.

"Services will be held on Wednesday (1/5) at 2pm at the Tabor-Rice Funeral Home in Brighton (75 S 13th Ave, Brighton, CO, 80601). Dogs are welcome, but please be courteous and give space to each other because it will be emotional and our wonderful furry friends will be picking up on that too.

"From Ken: Dawn would prefer any donations be spent on the saving of the dogs. It is my belief she would have chosen Caretransport.org and Dr Schulmans fund called tails of woe . Dr schulman can be reached at animal health care specialists, 6701 N Washington, Denver? Colorado. Hug your families, hug your dogs, cry for us but do not send money to me or CGPR. We will be ok.

"Thank you,
"Ken + Brianna Meaney.

"The links to donation pages are here:
"Tails of Woe: http://www.animalhealthcarespecialists.com/donate/
"Colorado Animal Rescue Express (C.A.R.E.): http://www.caretransport.org/donate.html

"Please also feel free to bring pictures of the dogs who have touched your lives and Dawn's, and any notes/stories you might want to attach to them. Dawn always loved to receive updates and photos of those dogs that had found their way into their forever homes after having passed through hers."

I probably won't be bringing Torr; I'll be too busy crying to pay him proper mind.


R I P Dawn Meaney

We got some very sad news last night. The woman who was the main shaker and mover of the Colorado Great Pyrenees Rescue died on the 29th. I can scarcely think of her without tearing up. What a special lady! She made me love Pyrs even more than I did before. If you do any praying, send one up for the dogs who were under her care. Although her husband and daughter seemed as dedicated as she was, I don't know how they'll go on without her. I don't know if I would be able to in that situation.