Photos in the Fog and Hoarfrost

Okay, I goofed. I didn't check my ISO and it was set for 800. duh...


DENVER ZOO Lioness Looks On

DENVER ZOO No The Lion Does NOT Sleep Tonight

copyright by S. E. O'Shields 2010 all rights reserved

DENVER ZOO The Cheetah With Attitude

DENVER ZOO: Put a tiger in your tank!

© 2010 by Susan E O’Shields – all rights reserved

© 2010 by Susan E O’Shields – all rights reserved

© 2010 by Susan E O’Shields – all rights reserved

He only cooperated for a short while. It truly left me feeling like the paparazzi!

This lady was hanging around our outbuilding last Spring waiting for the army cutworm moths to come by. I named her Lydia.

I found this photo while transferring zoo photos to my computer.


Typing Speed Test

52 words


I can recall being ~60 words a minute, but I was younger then. :)


White Blankets, Green Blankets

Brrr! It’s cold here in Northeastern Colorado. There’s snow on the ground, the land is locked in white. The skies are clear, however, which means that despite the negative Celsius reading on the thermometer, the bright sunshine will melt said snow.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the snow, especially when it’s still fluffy and delicate as it perches on a tree branch. Seeing tracks of bunnies and birds also reminds me that despite being out in the country, I’m not alone and isolated. There’s wildlife out there, even if it doesn’t linger in one spot much.

Still, I’m looking forward to the arrival of spring, when I can open the windows and hear the birdsong and feel the renewing breezes. Despite my favorite holiday (Halloween) occurring in autumn, I think spring is my favorite time of the year.

New Month's Resolutions

Well, shame on me! I missed my 4th of the Month deadline!

Who says that new resolutions have to be set in stone by the first day of the year? Not me. In fact, I think I’m going to go with a New Month’s Resolution. Once a month, I’ll make a list of five things that I wish to accomplish by the end of the month.

This month?

< Plan the week’s dinner menu every Monday morning, rather than 5pm every day (in a slight panic).

< Drink a quart of plain, unadulterated water each and every day.

< Send ten agent queries by the end of the month.

< Drink only two cups of coffee at day (no, c’mon! I’m not going to increase the cup size to compensate).

< Take the aluminum cans to the recycling center.

< Write a minimum three blog posts a week.

Okay, okay, you can count. That’s six. I figure the aluminum cans one is more of a chore than a resolution

Looks like I have two more posts to enter, so off I go. Cheers!