MemDay Weekend

I've drawn a complete blank about additional wisdom from my mother, and the WAG #25 assignment has left me uninspired to the topic, so I thought I'd post a photo I took this past weekend while chasing steam locomotives down near Chama, New Mexico.

This image was captured lying in a ditch near a grade crossing. Believe me, I checked carefully for rattlers and bullsnakes before settling in. Also, I was certain that a young man, who had set himself up by the RR crossing sign was going to be in my photos, but the train was kind enough to obscure him while still allowing the RR sign to be seen. Timing is everything. :)


Wisdom of Marcie #2

When you buy bar soap, unwrap it from its plastic packaging and store it in the linen closet. Not only will it scent your towel, it will "dry out" and last longer in the bathroom when put into service.


Wisdom of Marcie

Always comb your hair before you get into the shower. It keeps the loose hairs from clogging your drain.