Cave Wedding Photo - Official ;-)

Still haven't found my wedding album, but as I was going through a box, I found a photo album with this photo in it. It's a picture of my husband and me posing in front of our favorite formation in Illinois Caverns, so I feel like this is our 'official' wedding photo, even though it's not exactly where we wanted to have the ceremony.

Hope this is viewable. I hate scanning prints.

Photo by Ralph Earlandson.


  1. LOVE this- I have a wedding photo in a simliar position- only we are standing outside in six feet of snow...everyone got snowed in. Roads closed... LOL

  2. So you are wearing white? I've had friends married in caverns but in traditional wedding clothes. But being married in a special place gives special meaning to the journey. Slowly, you will find and post all these pictures, lol!

    Nancy, I was married in December, so I know what you mean about snow, lol!

  3. Wait, don't tell me, Nancy! Was it April??? ;-)

    Teasing! I'd love to see that photo. Quantities of snow amaze me and I love seeing ppl's wedding photos!

    Sia, I worked for a company that made protective clothing for welders, so I brought in a pair of tyvek coveralls which one of the ladies in the factory was kind enough to somewhat tailor for me. Then I covered my red caving helmet with a scrap of white satin left over from the 'wedding' dress I had made for the regular reception the following week. My husband's caving coveralls were electric blue.

    A friend of ours suggested a bouquet of rock candy, but I didn't have time or money to work that one out. Went with standard flowers. ;-)

    Thank you both soooo much for stopping by!


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