Cave Wedding Photo, As Promised!

I still can't find the photo album containing the pictures of our wedding, but while I was looking for the backpacking hammock, I stumbled upon the photo printed in the local newspaper. It was part of an article set right above the photos from the watermelon seed spitting contest (I think a boy scout won).

The cave was Illinois Caverns. The newspaper was the Waterloo Republic-Times. The year was 1990.


  1. Well that would definitely be a memorable wedding!

  2. Oh I hope you find your other pics, Sue. I'd love to see them. What is your husband wearing on his head? See we need clearer pics so we can go ooooh and aaaaah. See?

    Yah, it's my karma to give you a hard time.

  3. Fabulous!! How cool is that? Thanks for sharing.

  4. Now that's a different wedding. I hope you find your pictures.


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