What a LOVELY group!

I belonged to a humor group which is comprised of some very clever people. I can't repeat the marvelously funny and creative things they have written, but I can share some of the humorous things they've inspired me to write. The last limerick I posted was a direct result of 'hanging out' with them, and from time to time in future, I'll post short excerpts from our "projects". Hope you enjoy them.

Book Titles and Their Authors
"My Misspent Youth" by Sal Adaise
"How To Accurately Poll the Populace" by Maury Surch
"All Time Favorite Pickup Lines" by Jack Asted
"How To Care For Lawn Chairs" by Paddy O'Furniture
"Weaponry and Artillery" by Frank Cannon
"Free Love" by Goddard Havvett
"Think and Grow" by Rhett Trowspect
"The Early Days of Rock N Roll" by Tristan Shout
"Why Everyone Should Have Auto Insurance" by Hugh Jabil
"The Process of Bereavement and Mourning" by Waylon N Kryun
"Lockjaw Diagnosis and Treatment Efficacy" by Rusty Nail

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