And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

When I first started this blog, it was kinda cool getting a little bit of money for agonizing over what to write, but at least it got me writing. That first week I made two whole dollars! Blogging is so lucrative, eh?

Well, it would be if I wrote about stuff that Adsense (the grand poobahs who manage the auto select advertising company for Google) could match up ads to my topic. My previous article is a snarky little piece about how wrong AND how right Abraham Lincoln was about people cut their own path in the world. All my ads? They turned into PSAs or Public Service Announcements. I don't make anything on those, no matter how often someone clicks on them (although I do pay attention to what they are).

The article before that mentioned motorcycles, Harley Davidsons and a bunch of motorcycle brand names. My ads? Colorado Motorcycling Tours, Harley-Davidson ads, Motorcycle Wheels for sale... lots and lots of paid-for-clicking ads.

Quite an interesting, accidental discovery.

What does that teach me? It pays to occasionally talk about Swiffers. Aren't they lovely? OF course, I'm sure they're making a zillion bucks for their stock holders. Now if I mention them, I can make a few pennies for a half hour's work slaving over what to write to amuse you folks next.

And if you happen to see me sign off as the long lost cousin of Mr. Clean, you'll know that my ad cycle has gone a little flat. I hope you'll indulge me like that slightly weird (but kindly) aunt in your family that no one talks about. I really am quite harmless.

Just call me...



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Well, it seems that to see the ads you have to actually open the article.

    Still, the PSAs are important.

  3. I am happy to open the articles. I wonder if you would get different ads depending on what comments are posted. You know, like if I were to mention Swiffer instead of you mentioning it. Or if I were to suggest a story about the mortgage industry? Or possibly babies? Or Pets? Medical products? Prescription drugs? Just a few ideas. I wonder if I will see an ad regarding any of these topics, the next time I log on!

  4. Interesting note: See the ad below: Blogs for Mothers. It wasn't there until after I wrote my comment. Did I tell you I am shopping for a car? :-)

  5. David said it's cheating. I told him "Halliburton, Colgate, eBay, Chase Bank, ING Orange, and Chevy".

    Congrats on your new blog. Be certain to put it as your home website in your blogger profile.

    BTW, a really nice blog is www.thesimpledollar.com. No kidding around. I really enjoy the site.

  6. LOL The eBay Motors website ad just showed up at the bottom.


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