The Harder Side of Elusive Animals

I set up this blog this morning completely on a whim, hoping it would inspire me to write more. I’m brimming with enthusiasm but have difficulty channeling my energy into something useful.

Granted, my husband would find it useful if I applied this energy to housework, but that’s another blog.

To get things started – rather than the “This Page Intentionally Left Blank” message that you see on the last page of a legal document – I ripped through a quick “Gosh, what a wondrous adventure” piece. Full of enthusiasm and energy, it was a bubbly bit of fluff. I hoped it would imbue the reader with an understanding of the sense of the adventure I feel about every bit of writing I’ve ever done. Even the dark and dismal piece I wrote about a girl who tried to commit suicide but instead met a noble ancestor was energizing and uplifting to me.

But in looking back, I realized that I’m really not a ‘bubbly’ person. I don’t float above my tippy-toes looking for the rainbow. I’m not a Carey-Bear kinda personality. I’m a goof, a sarcasm-generator, a biotch sometimes, and even – dare you believe it? – a pain in the ass.

So in future, if you should tune in here, be aware that if you’re seeing bubbles on this page, it’s probably because I’m drowning in something and you’re witnessing the last air escaping my lungs.

Meh! Consider that possibility as an incentive to come back!



  1. Bubbly is over-rated... and HIGHLY annoying ;) Bring on the snark, I say! ;)

  2. You should write a book.

  3. Mrider, that's a tall order. Let me think about it.


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