Edit, Edit, Edit!

I'm currently working on editing my MS The High Bridge, but I'm having 'trouble'.

It's not because I don't know what or how to edit. The problem seems to be the media used while editing.

If I sit at the computer and go over the document, I don't find nearly as much as when I have the stack of printed material in front of me. The words leap into order when down in black and white, and I find lots of markup situations. The problem with editing hard copy is somehow I never find time to sit down and transfer the changes into the electronic document.

Does anyone else have this tendency of not doing well in a particular media? Do you find yourself editing better in one form over another?

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  1. Things are always so different on paper than a computer screen. I edit both ways...and suck up the extra work. Even when I don't want to do it, which is more often than not. :) Cheers~


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