The Worm (an update)

Okay, it's up and at 'em!


My graphic artist friend has made his "worm" official. He's taking contributions. Just check out the rules/guidelines here.

Look for both Sue O'Shields and Sioux O'Shields, as I have two additions to the Colorsmith Graphic Worm.

No Native Americans were involved in the making of that artwork. ;-)


  1. I took a look at the new one and think it is really neat. I won't participate, as I have no graphic arts skills, but will check back in from time to time to see how it progresses. Some amazing art there. Kind of addictive.

  2. I posted on the last entry but now I see that you have posted it...just waiting for participants now.

    Note: You do not need to be any certain skill level. You only need to be open minded if not artistic.


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