WAG #17 Someone I Once Knew

My mother mailed a few pictures to me the other day. It showed a collection of faces as varied as the activities depicted.

The first was a blonde child doing a backflip. It was an intense photo; the face firm with concentration, the grass bright green, the feet were a blur, moving faster than the camera could capture.

Another photo showed a group of young teenagers dressed in theatrical costumes, obviously The Famous Four singing joyously as they “tramped” down the Yellow Brick Road, which consisted of yellow construction paper spray-glued onto muslin.

The last four images were from a graduation; a young woman receiving her diploma; my mom posing proudly as the graduate mugged behind the precious document thrust forward at arm’s length; the last two involved a mortarboard in the air, although the second of that series also involved, nay featured, a tree and a long stick.

With a smile, I flipped through the photos over and over, absorbing the events enjoyed by people I have been out of touch with a long time – well before we moved so far away. I set the small stack on the coffee table as my husband and I were watching TV, and I tried to get back into the program. My thoughts kept returning to the significance of the pictures.

I remembered having that kind of energy, that same drive, enthusiasm and hope. Where had it gone? When had I changed? With a heavy sigh, I sat back, pushing my shoulders into the sofa cushion, seeking comfort from its support.

My husband glanced between me and the table pensively and finally took up the stack of 4x6 prints. He flipped through them with less familiarity than I had.

“Wizard of Oz, huh?” he said with mild surprise. “I didn’t know you played the Cowardly Lion.”

“WAG #17: The One That Got Away” From your own point of view (or the point of view of a stranger you observe) write a short scene about someone from the past who comes into the picture back suddenly. It can be an old boyfriend/girlfriend, a childhood friend, or anyone you imagine! haven’t seen for many years. It can be a sweet reunion, or a total disaster! It’s up to you.


  1. Hi Sue-

    Loved how you did this- made me think of old photos and memories. cheers!

  2. Thanks for coming by, Nancy. I discovered that I 'flubbed' the exercise when I came home from the library after another (unsuccessful) attempt to get the writing group there started. As I had the whole hour by myself, I figured I should write something, even if no one chose to join me for the meeting. I was remembering the directions of the exercise wrong, but hey, there are no rules. hahaha

    Hope everything is okay with Nixy. I haven't heard a peep out of her!

  3. Sue, I don't think you got the instructions wrong, just interpreted them different. The instructions.. "write a short scene about someone from the past who comes into the picture back suddenly"..That someone could be the young, energetic girl you used to be.By looking at the pictures you "ran into her again", after so many years. I think you did a great job!!

  4. Thanks for the reassurance, Gail. You did get the point of my piece (which REALLY reassures me), but I'd gotten the idea from the description it should have been lost loves, etc. Glad it 'works' as is. hahaha

    Although this does exhibit a certain amount of introspection within me of late, the story is completely fabricated as my mother died over twenty years ago. I was, however, a gymnast, the Cowardly Lion in TWOO, and I graduated. :) Never tossed my cap into a tree, though.

  5. I agree with Gail, this piece is definitely about someone rediscovering their younger self and as such fits the brief. I really liked how the husband is finding out something new about his wife. It is almost as if he is meeting for the the first time the person she has rediscovered.

    Hope the writing group situation improves.

  6. Thanks so much, Dan, for not only stopping by to read my WAG contribution but also for the words of encouragement regarding the writing group. I know it's going to take some time. It would help if the Library would officially adopt my group so that it will be included in the future newsletters. Here's to hoping!


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